Sunday, April 11, 2010

My first "pod"

I've been wanting to take a course in felting "pods" and didn't want to wait until the Fall, so I decided to experiment using a resist to create what I thought would be a pod form... Not bad for my first attempt - now I have to figure out what to put into the pod.. maybe a felted critter?


  1. Looks gorgeous and great job with your first. Isnt it exciting when you learn something new, and i can see a cute little head with just finger hanging out resting under the chin xoxo

  2. Karen, thanks so much for your suggestion... So far I've had two suggestions for peas, planets, happy peas. I really like your idea but haven't decided yet. The good thing is that I can change the contents whenever I want.

  3. Turned out way cool! I took the same class & how did you make that? What was your resist in there?