Monday, April 12, 2010

Nubble Light - York Beach, ME

Needlefelted Nubble detail and beginning of rock formation

Nubble background - wet felted

I took advantage of the perfect weather outdoors and wet felted the background for another dimensional landscape. I had some pictures from our visit last summer and am pretty happy with the felted background. This took a bit of work due to its larger size (~24" x 22"). I want to get as many backgrounds done while the weather is nice since I really don't have an area where I can wet felt indoors.

Back to the fruits and vegies (I think I'll take my husband's advice and add bread, cheese and wine!)

Fruit & Vegies - Finished

Day 3...

~13" x 12"

While waiting for the pod to dry and wondering what to fill it with, I worked on my fruit stand which has now turned into fruits & vegies and who knows what else (David just suggested loaves of bread a wheel of cheese, and of course a bottle of wine.. great idea!!)

Stay tuned for progress reports...

Sunday, April 11, 2010

My first "pod"

I've been wanting to take a course in felting "pods" and didn't want to wait until the Fall, so I decided to experiment using a resist to create what I thought would be a pod form... Not bad for my first attempt - now I have to figure out what to put into the pod.. maybe a felted critter?

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Dimensional Landscapes

River Rocks (not quite finished)

Back from a 2 day workshop by Andrea Graham, Felt Artist extraordinaire held at New England Felting Supply in Easthampton, MA - tons of fabulous felting supplies and only 1.5 hours away from Bolton.

I learned so many new tips and techniques. Here are a few photos from the session...

Laying out the wool

After wet felting

Adding the dimension

Almost finished

This will take a long time to add the fruits and vegies.. - soooo much fun!

Laura & Andrea in front of some yummy fibers..

Andrea(s) "rocks"!!!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Signs of Spring at the Bolton Library, Bolton, MA

I've neglected this blogsite for much too long, my apologies...

I'm happy to write that I've completed a needle felt wool rendering of our library in Bolton, MA. This library now has a massive addition which isn't part of this felted work since I started this piece 3 years ago.

More pieces to finish and will post them as they are completed...